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Allegry Infomation

Gluten Free

Although the donuts are not made in a designated gluten free facility, we take every precaution possible to make safe gluten free products. Standard operating procedures are: Use of a designated locked room with limited access. Requirement for all bakers to change apron, gloves and lab coat before entering GF room; All equipment in GF room to be used for Gluten Free items only; All Gluten Free ingredients (which are sourced from Certified Gluten Free companies) to be stored separately.   Any GF donuts ordered will be packaged individually in a bag and kept on the side for GF guest.

Peanut Allergies

The bakery we use is NOT a peanut free facility.  Typically the donuts on our walls have holes and therefore do not contain nuts.  The bakery does make products with peanuts & tree nuts.  Gluten Free donuts maybe a good option for guest with an allergy.  The donuts are also kosher.



Our products and services meeting the strictest standards of kashrus (kosher law) are granted permission to display the KOF-F K symbol, which is protected under U.S. Federal and international law against unauthorized use.

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